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A teacher tool for creating and saving groups of students.

Charmed is a love letter to my wife Joz. She's a high school teacher and kept coming up with creative ways to randomly groups of students for collaborative assignments. I pitched this idea to her and she helped me iteratively design the app and its functionality. I'm very proud of the UI on this one.

Interesting Features

  • It is named Charmed because my wife's favorite animal is the fox, and a group of foxes is called a "charm". The app is for creating groups, hence Charmed. The original name was Groupster, which I was told was "too early 2000s".
  • Charmed allows you to add rules before randomly generating the groups to make sure certain students are kept together or kept apart. It's nice to offer as a reward to students who deserve to be with their friends, or to make sure troublemakers stay apart.

Things I Learned

  • Authentication/Authorization with Google Firebase
  • Provisioning AWS resources with Terraform
  • Working with DynamoDB


charmed screenshot